Monday, November 30, 2009

Plot of Land, Plot In Life

I want to share something from the Grassroots Gardening book I am currently reading. It deals with the idea of change in a garden and the outlook we choose to take on that idea.

"If the beans got disease in the north corner, we should not put them there again. But we can try some other crop in the place where they failed. Plotting is comprehending failure and rising from it, to fail again or maybe even to live."

Plotting, or planning, here to me seems to mean the allowance within ourselves to have expectations...hopes. I think much joy lives in these expectations as long as we can view them as such. Would it be really that fun if we always knew what were to happen in our gardens, in our lives??? Change is a fact of life and learning to accept all of it, good and bad, without giving up on yourself or others is a balance that, if found, should be planted, cared for, and shared.

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  1. Gardening is a long learning curve. Failure and success go hand in hand. I can't think of something more satisfying then being in the garden, planting, pruning etc, being at peace with nature.