Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mission: CORN. Pt 1: Corn in the Mission

My experience is that the third year of any garden is really the when the magic takes hold. Perennials have had time to get situated and the gardener has had time to create a vision of what he wants the garden to be. But of course gardens, and gardeners!, are always in flux.

I'm so excited that my Lobster Claw(photo above) produced its first flowers. I planted it last spring. This year the vegetative growth really took off and now you can see here its very first bloom. Also blooming for the first time is my Calla lily below.

And now the corn...

Corn isn't really a crop that is usually grown in San Francisco, but I'm hoping that the warmer micro-climate of the Mission district in which I live will do it some good. So far it looks happy. I plan on feeding it the best of my compost, which apparently is also producing beautiful black gold. In fact, as I was turning it yesterday I found a Mango pit sprouting! Unfortunately I hacked it with my shovel on accident. Next time I'll have to sift through delicately to see if I can pan out any other gold nuggets.
Pole beans below are looking very healthy as well.


  1. Nice lobster claw! Is it fragrant? I just bought the white form at Annie's Annuals last month. - Jackie

  2. Awesome! Love the lobster claw, and calla lilies will always say SF to me. Corn in the Mission, hope it works! Will the cool/wet summer be too much for it? Or will the Sunny Mission do the trick? Please keep us posted!