Friday, April 10, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I finally got around to planting my seed starts. I pulled out all my six-packs(not beer!...that was later in the day:P ) and grow pots, gave 'em a good rinse, and tore into all my seed packets.

I did my usual...tomatoes, green beans, cucumber, zucchini, caulifower, and bell peppers. I also am attempting eggplant this year. For some reason I had this idea that it is difficult to grow, but I'm hoping to change that idea this season. Dill and lemon verbena have also been planted in little grow pots...oh, and a mixture of different kinds of sunflowers for fun.(definitely NOT funslowers) It's for the birds and bees.

I'm also attempting to grow sweet corn this year, not sure if San Francisco summers will be good for it, but I'm happy to try. Last week I planted that as well as snap peas and pole beans directly into my garden.


  1. Exciting! No, I wouldn't think the fog would be good for corn, but maybe if you're close enough to the Sunny Mission, it will work! :) Fun. Makes me feel less bad that I haven't done much in the seed dept. yet, to see you just started. Nice header, that street strip you planted looks amazing!

  2. Indeed I DO live in the Sunny Mission, so fingers crossed!

  3. Snap! Always lovely to see how we all manage our seedlings. There is now no space left to eat, drink or read the Sunday papers in my conservatory, the triffids are taking over, now all we need is the weather to allow us to get them out there.