Saturday, April 11, 2009

Four Seedlings And A Funeral

Last night I discovered that the last of the four pine tree seeds I planted had keeled over allowing entropy in. :( Of the four seeds, three had sprouted. Two had just given up on their own, while the third, above, was really showing promising signs of making a beautiful holiday tree someday(a potted holiday tree of course). But woe is me...woe is tree! I think I may be a bit to blame as I got a little prematurely excited and thought it could handle being put into the greenhouse from its protective terrarium womb. But alas the shock was too much too soon. I'm sorry little tree-ling, and may you rest in pe...compost.

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  1. Aw, so sorry. Always sad when a seedling doesn't make it. Maybe next time! There have got to be tons of resources on growing conifers. Maybe they do better from cuttings rather than seedlings in "captivity"?? No idea. Anyway, I'm glad when people share their bummers as well as successes. Helps me feel better about my own failures!