Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Buck Starts Here

Recently I found this little buckeye tree opening and reaching its taproot in search of soil. It would not have found a place to plant its roots had I not interfered. I decided to make it a pet project and give it a good chance. Perhaps buckeyes are rapid growers, because this guy is really taking off!

I also went on a propagating spree this afternoon. Several friends have been talking about wanting plants for their homes, so I potted up some spider plants that have been just living in glass jars of water for some time now. I also took cuttings of a spindly coleus and potted up a couple pothos. It's always good to have extra toddler plants around to take care of...and to have in my arsenal whenever I need to dole out a gift-plant.

I think propagation may just be my favorite aspect of gardening, whether it be the sprouting of seeds as small as lettuce or as large as a buckeye, or taking cuttings straight from a mother plant. I'm in awe of the possibility to create an infinite amount of plants from just one starter plant.

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  1. Hi Ronnie - Very cool! Yeah, I think buckeyes come up like weeds where the trees are mature. Not sure about that but feel like I've seen them around a lot. Very cool on the potting up! Gardeners are so generous. I want to learn how to propagate from cuttings, maybe it's time to search for a class. Nothing like free plants to have and to give!