Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Less Concrete. More Jungle.

It just keeps getting better! I had previously posted an entry on Sidewalk Greening in San Francisco explaining that the city offered support in helping to expediate permits to take up sidewalk and offering a resource list. They have now gone a step further and offer FREE Saturday (9am-10am) workshops to any aspiring concrete gardener. They are held once a month from February through November 2011. Clicking on the photos should allow you to read the exact dates with a more detailed explanation of the workshops.

To the sidewalk on my block: Be afraid... Be very afraid. We're coming for you.

More Info visit

Or Call: 415-661-1316 Ext. 456


  1. What a great idea. Well done San Francisco!

  2. Hej twój blog jest super, ciekawy i interesujący jeśli chcesz zajrzyj na mój: