Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blue Water Winery: Viticulture-Shock!

On a recent trip back home to Michigan's "Thumb", I discovered that a winery has been built just around the corner from the farm where I grew up!  Blue Water Winery is the first and only winery in the region. At a time when Michigan's economy is quite lack-luster, it's great to see this sort of entreprenerial spirit taking off.  My pal Martha and I stopped into the Old Town Hall Winery in Lexington, located about 10 miles south of where the grapes are grown. Once the actual town hall of the village, then the town drug store(for the bulk of my childhood), then empty for years, the building now hosts the tasting bar, wine on display for purchase, and a grand piano. The hall is also available for hosting events, where one of the pioneers of the winery, Connie, loves to play and sing. Well, she points out that we should not be sung to so much as sing along, giving the place a welcoming communal vibe. Steve, the co-pioneer, guided Martha and I through our flight of wine. $3 for tasting 3 of their wines. Steve didn't stop there...he insisted we try one more...then just one more... We tried them all, each accompanied by a description and background of course.
Oh, and you MUST ask Steve and Connie about the "Body Bags Story". Tell him Ronnie sent you!

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