Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Paige Bros. Clipper Garden

Today I got a chance to stop in the Paige Bros. Clipper Garden in the Noe Valley neighborhood here in San Francisco. It's a wedge of land located right between Clipper St and Grand View Ave, and has an entrance on Clipper Terrace.

I could not find much history of the garden online, but it I believe its this garden that was the very first community garden in San Francisco. Please correct me if you have more information! I'd love to share it here. I also remember hearing that the land on this hill used to be a large farm until the area urbanized.

Throughout the many raised beds of rich organic soil were everything from perfect ruby red swiss chard to nearly ripe strawberries! Strawberries on December 1st! It IS possible to grow year-round in San Francisco.

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