Monday, May 10, 2010

Growing Home Community Garden

A few weeks ago I was enjoying an afternoon of cuisine-tasting and booze-imbibing in the Hayes Valley area of town. Excellent sushi at Otoro and special spirits at Marlena's bar. Ambling up Octavia blvd I was elated to see long stretch of community gardens interrupted only by Lily Street.

There were signs and flyers for the Growing Home Community Garden: "..provides an inspirational venue where both homeless and housed San Franciscans work side-by-side: to transform community norms and prejudices; to improve relations- and to celebrate and harvest food together."

Interested in getting involved? Contact:  or 415-503-2196

Further Info:

And this is only a few blocks away from the former-freeway-exit-turned-farm, the Hayes Valley Farm. I will be taking photos and plan to do a separate entry on this great project.
I can't wait to volunteer and take advantage of the many activities they offer...including on May 18th, a Farm Film night featuring "DIRT!", a flick on the importance of soil narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis.

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  1. That looks cool. I'll have to check that out when I'm in SF next month. I used to live kind of near there. Hayes Valley has changed so much since they tore that ugly freeway down.