Monday, March 29, 2010

Decomposing an Experiment

Change must come. I currently keep a compost pile in my backyard. Although it is fenced in and contained, it seems some criminal critters have managed to infiltrate. Exhibit A:

The city of San Francisco has seen an increase in the rat population. I don't need to be contributing to this rodent uprising. And I sure do NOT need them eating my seedlings! For now I will not be adding household veggie scraps into the pile, just clippings and straw and such. Perhaps I will look into getting one of those tumbler models. Does anyone have experience with them? Worth the cost? Do they work well/fast/ at all?


  1. I have a big black plastic one with an impossible-to-breach lid. It is buried partway in the ground and so far I have not seen evidence of rats, although I've heard they can tunnel up. Have you thought of a worm bin for the food scraps and a non-food compost pile for the other green/brown stuff? Good luck, rats are icky!

  2. Thanks Karen! Actually, I do have two worm compost bins already, so I will be diverting more scraps there. We also have city composting bins for the rest until I can get a critter-proof system.