Thursday, November 12, 2009

Um, When Did Fall Arrive?!?!

Brisk air and shorter days always sneak up on you! But there's nothing like a hot totty to warm you up when you're doing the fall clean-up. :P My tomatoes this year were a bit late in coming to fruition. In fact, I am STILL picking them off the vine! They seemed stunted the whole summer, the plants just weren't taking off. After I treated them to a few appointments with some worm poo tea, they as well as my other plants, really seemed to thrive.

Another veggie affected by the tea was this eggplant. So far the plant itself looks very healthy, with multiple blooms on each plant. However, the pretty light violet blooms are not producing eggplants. Perhaps this is a pollination thing? Maybe I'll step in and do a little manual work. So these pole bean seedlings were planted months ago. And they are just now coming up! Some creature had nibbled the rest of the batch back when they were just coming up. Perhaps these guys were waiting it out. I'm going to leave them and see how they fair as a fall crop.

And here is the garden after the clean-up from up above on the deck.

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