Monday, August 31, 2009

Terrarium Scentarium

Just for the smell of it! I've been wanting to assemble a terrarium for a while now, and finally all the materials came together. I found a large "one man's trash, one man's treasure" glass vase in my neighborhood and the race was on! Just the other day I found some polished pebbles on my street to add for surface decoration. I used some old brick/lava rock shards for the bottom to provide drainage.

As for the plants, I had a bunch of random cuttings in jars that I have been meaning to pot up. I tried picking ones that don't grow too large in too small a period of time. This is my prototype, so we'll see how things go. :)
I assembled it with the polished rocks and made my own setting and watered/sprayed a fresh helping of worm poo tea upon everything. Once everything settled in, I topped it off with a clear plastic lid to hold in the moisture. A bit later I opened it, took a big whiff, and for a moment I seriously felt and believed I was in the middle of a rich natural forest just after a light rain. A form of aromatherapy for sure! I added a few of my red wiggler composting worms to the terrarium as an experiment. Hopefully they'll fit into the tiny ecosystem in their way. :)

And the vessel for my next project...

Does anyone have any terrarium stories to share? Any fun ideas?


  1. Great terrarium! That giant jar will also make an excellent terrarium.

    Check out my blog for tips and links on hot to keep your terrariums healthy and happy for a long time!