Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Worm Compost Tea Part Poo

I applied my brewed-up worm poop tea to my garden today. I used a simple sprayer, shown disassembled in a milk crate in the photo below. For the most part it worked wonderfully, misting a nice layer of organic feisty beneficial microbes upon the leaves and soil. Though next time I think I will add LESS worm poo to the 5 gallon bucket, as there was a CLOGGING issue which led up to me getting sprayed directly UPON MY FACE! A nozzle was not screwed tightly enough, and the worm poo to water ratio was disproportionate. I need a shower.

The pink Echinacea above was started by seed in my greenhouse spring 2008. As many a perennial will do, this, the 2nd year, provided for us beautiful blossoms.

These guys above showed up on their own this year. It must have been a renegade composting incident, but they are welcome of course! I think they are some sort of squash.

The defunct sprayer....That'll teach you to NOT spray in my face again!

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