Monday, February 2, 2009

What Seeds May Come

I was down in the garden today on my day off to do some early spring cleaning. It was in the high 60's here in San Francisco today. I noticed the straw and manure I applied late last fall had begun decomposing. I dug it under a bit more, and cleared a couple even patches to sow some early spring crops...couple rows of beats, a line of snow peas under my makeshift trellis against the brick wall, and a first shot at trying brussel sprouts.

Whilst my tinkering, I thought about how much the Oxalis in my garden must loooove me. It must just want to see me any chance it can get...I mean, why else would it pop it's clover-shaped leaves out of the ground other than in anticipation of my very presence??? It's one of the most stubborn weeds here in San Francisco, as its difficult to pull it out by the roots. They grow from tiny little bulbs and when trying to pull them out they often snap off at the stem, allowing the bulb below to boost back up a week later. I'm slowly ridding the garden of the unwanted bulbs. I'm sorry Oxie, but we're just not meant to be.

Clearing away and pruning some perennials gave me a good perspective on just how much some of last year's plants have grown. The mint has taken off; I planted it inside a container and then planted that container in the ground so that it would not take over my plot. I have two plants that I believe are both named Parrot's Beak, but when I did research the one in top photo is the only plant that comes up under said name. The one on the bottom also has similar beak-shaped flowers, so I guess I'll have to do more research.


  1. Is that post title a reference to a movie of a similar name? I worked on it (in a very peripheral way) - too bad it was kind of a clinker! Oh well, my Hollywood minute, over and done. Watch out for mint, it has a way of jumping out of its pot and taking over - maybe it can battle back the oxalis, and then at least your most troublesome weed will at least be edible. Jealous of your high-60s temps! But at least it was sunny here today. Exciting veggie patch plans, can't wait to see stuff come up in your garden!

  2. I thought the penultimate pic was a climbing rosemary at first. We enjoyed low 50's today. Spring is coming for sure.