Friday, January 23, 2009

What Can GREEN Do For You Today???

Initially this morning I was discouraged by the drizzle here in San Francisco. I was hoping to get some primping done in my garden. Despite the "unfair" weather, I headed down into the garden just to take a peek at what was happening. And I'm glad I did. Gardens are gorgeous in a light rain. There's something about that fresh wetness that gives the garden a rich glow. There was a fresh green-ness to everything and the blue of the leeks had a much more succinct hue to them. I gave the garden a fresh churn, as it was pretty much covered in the straw and manure I applied over a month ago.

Two years ago I planted patches of a low-growing chamomile in hopes that it would spread around the stepping stones and brick borders as a nice traffic-friendly ground-cover. Thanks to the drizzle's ability to enhance my garden's details, it hit me that it has become a success.
While tinkering around my plot, pruning this and plucking that, a feeling of serenity came over me as I caught the scent of Yarrow wafting up as I was tidying up the plant. Instead of just throwing the pruned parts into my compost, I thought I might bring it upstairs to do a little aromatherapy. I simply heated up some water almost to boiling point and poured it over the plucked leaves.

The scent is in the air as I write this!

Just because it's a rainy day in January does NOT mean I can't enjoy the fruits of my garden. Another purple flowering bush(the name of which escapes me right now) also needed a cutting-back. I did so and now have a fresh floral display in my home. The garden abounds. It gives to you as you give to it.

And I learned a little something today. In the face of a negative expectation that a rainy day meant staying indoors and limiting my day's possibilities, I decided to make it an opportunity to step beyond those limitations. And I was hence rewarded. The afternoon became a virtual therapy session. Not only were the plants getting love and care, but so was I. In the garden I am free. In the garden I am not judged. In the garden I have no possession. In the garden I am zen.

In the garden I am. 'Nuf said.


  1. Yep, sometimes you just have to get out there in the rain (we call it drizzle up here) and enjoy what you can. What does Yarrow do for you, aromatherapy-wise? Calming? I need to get some, if so! Love your creeping chamomile, maybe I'll try that if it will grow here. Your purple-flowering plant - is it perovskia or Russian Sage? Love it, if so!

  2. PS the word verification for my comment was "eyedirta"! :) Thought that was appropriate for your post today.

  3. I don't think I could have said it better than you. The rain is so needed it does bring a calm feeling of peace.

  4. Inspiring! Sometimes you just need to get out there despite the weather. It's usually so satisfying. Plus, everything looks different in the mist, as you say. Interesting about the yarrow, can't place that smell so will have to seek it out.

  5. Months later, finding this, but it's been a bit of a drizzle day in our neighborhood, and I too feel a sense of peace. Some would say it has to do with all the negative ions in the air. Whatever brings that refreshing feeling, your post was a delightful interlude. Thank you.