Saturday, December 27, 2008

Force FOR Nature

I've always wanted to try forcing bulbs, so I snagged up a couple bags when I saw they were half off at Lowe's. One bag of Hyacinth, one of Tulip. Eleven bulbs total for $5, not a bad deal. Forcing bulbs is basically creating an environment for the plants to grow and bloom when naturally they would be sleeping for the winter.

I did some research and apparently the Hyacinth can be forced in water, but the Tulips are better in a soil mixture made up of good garden loam (three parts), peat moss (two parts), and sand (one part). The fertility of the soil is not important, as the bulbs have enough food to supply the plant by itself.

Today I have only put together the Hyacinthsss. Ssss(!) As seen in the photo, I basically filled half a glass vase with wine corks (I'm recycling! Hey, I'm an eco-friendly wino here!), filled it to the brim with water, and placed 3 bulbs atop. Between the shape of the vase head and the floating corks, there is enough support to place them just right. Just the bottom flat of the bulb touching the water is enough.

Once assembled, they need to be put in a cool dark place for 4-8 weeks until the root system develops. After there is a substantial root system, bring them out and put them in a bright window. Soon you'll have the nice sweet scent of spring indoors! Now since I'm just starting now and it looks like it takes a couple months, it'll actually almost BE spring here in San Francisco. But this is my first attempt, so I'll keep up-to-date on the progress.


  1. Hi!
    I have never done this, but it looks so fun!
    I look forward to see how it grow on your blog!

  2. Eco-friendly wino, I love it! Hope they burst out with their beauty and make your house smell yummy.