Monday, November 17, 2008

A Gardener and His Garden

{Originally Posted 03/11/2008} is now over a week old; I think I'm overdue for an introduction. I won't make this long winded, as the site is much more about the garden than the gardener.

My name is Ronnie. I love plants.

Back to the green ones....

The garden inhabits the Mission District of San Francisco. For those who don't know, San Francisco has many micro-climates, the Mission area being one of the warmer, sunnier locales. I try to to plant things pretty much anywhere I can, from the under the grow lights in my bedroom, to the kitchen counter, out on the deck, and in the main garden in the backyard below. I'd grow plants inside me if I could!

Pictured here is the current status of the garden:

With the recent weather it feels as if spring has arrived! My roommate and I took the opportunity to clean out the garden, amend the soil with some compost, and add some new spring crops. The bottom right patch of green you see above of is a spring crop of radishes. They're just about ready to be harvested. Another spring crop are the snow peas we have that will climb up the makeshift trellis on the back wall.

The garden is only in its second year; when we moved in it was really nothing more than a patch of weeds. We cleaned it out, added some structural elements and are very excited at the potential it has for this year.

Coming will feature ongoing project ideas, including worm-composting. We have two bins going, and are probably going to have to put together a third; our worms are already having baby worms!